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Written with her writing partner Hanako Greensmith, Halona & Ophelia is a mythical, femme-driven musical, exploring the complexities of class, love and justice as our two heroins take on a legacy much larger than themselves. More updates on this project can be found on the team's instagram page.



MM: What’s the best piece of advice you’d want to offer aspiring musical theatre writers?

SO: Something my writing partner and I collaborated on is thus: let your voice and heart speak and you shall reach those beyond yourself – the only art that fails is silence


Women of the Wings celebrates female musical theatre writers of today! It's an evening of new work and classic favorites. You'll hear songs that make you laugh, songs that make you cry, and songs that make you think differently about the world around you.

The evening will feature selections from Rebekah M. Allen, Sukari Jones, Lisa KronKailey Marshall, Sandra Okuboyejo, Zoe SarnakJeanine TesoriGeorgia StittAlex RubinRachel Griffin, and more!



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