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*2022 Jonathan Larson Grant Finalist*


Book, Music & Lyrics

In a future so dystopian it mimics the past, the Jackmann and Sinclair kingdoms thrived individually. In an attempt at prolonged unison, a treaty was signed, proclaiming both kingdoms be bound together as allies and forces of economy, kinship, and protection. Subsequently, this treaty was broken, and the Jackmann land was ravaged as their King was murdered: all at the hands of the Sinclairs. Today, twelve years later, we’re led on a quest by Queen of the seas: Halona Jackmann (the daughter of the Jackmann’s murdered King) to finally even the score. But, can any score truly be evened without a cost? 

This deeply elemental and spiritual all-female new musical HALONA & OPHELIA explores the complexities of love/hatred (which force is stronger? When does one become the other?), community, justice and destiny.

Halona & Ophelia was selected to receive a staged reading at Schaeberlee studios in 2018 as part of the 'Pace New Musicals' initiative.

*material available upon request*



Single mother, Rose Dawson, recently lost her 10 year old daughter Delilah to a school shooting. While navigating the shores of grief, she embarks on a political journey to mandate bullet proof glass be installed in schools. As complications surface, Rose is confronted with her own limitations, as she comes across a community that soon shows her the power of being held. In Save The Pieces we are faced with the question: in what ways do we keep the ones we've lost, alive? 

'Save the pieces' was Sandra's first original piece to receive a fully staged production. It was written and conceived as a response to the Sandy Hook tragedy. Its proceeds went towards the Sandy Hook Memorial Fund in 2013.



Black Girl Magic ABC is a love letter to every young black girl in this world. Each affirmation is meant to empower and embolden these young girls into not only seeing, but fully believing in their limitlessness. Black is beautiful. 

Available on amazon.

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