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*2022 and 2023 Earphones Award winner*


Recently featured in Jordan Peele's 'Out there Screaming'

Narrating "Dark Home" by Nnedi Okorafor

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • The visionary writer and director of Get Out, Us, and Nope, and founder of Monkeypaw Productions, curates this groundbreaking anthology of all-new stories of Black horror, exploring not only the terrors of the supernatural but the chilling reality of injustice that haunts our nation.
“Every piece is strong and memorable, making this not only likely to be the best anthology of the year, but one for the ages.”—The Guardian

A BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR: Esquire, Chicago Public Library, CrimeReads
A cop begins seeing huge, blinking eyes where the headlights of cars should be that tell him who to pull over. Two freedom riders take a bus ride that leaves them stranded on a lonely road in Alabama where several unsettling somethings await them. A young girl dives into the depths of the Earth in search of the demon that killed her parents. These are just a few of the worlds of Out There Screaming, Jordan Peele’s anthology of all-new horror stories by Black writers. Featuring an introduction by Peele and an all-star roster of beloved writers and new voices, Out There Screaming is a master class in horror, and—like his spine-chilling films—its stories prey on everything we think we know about our world . . . and redefine what it means to be afraid.

Out There Screaming- Okuboyejo-[]Sandra Okuboyejo
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Equal parts horror story and searing social commentary about race, Erin E. Adams’s Jackal follows Liz Rocher’s search for her missing goddaughter in her largely white Rust Belt hometown, where young Black girls have been disappearing for years. Tender and measured, the narrators poignantly capture the complex emotions in this story, effectively creating a sense of foreboding as Liz works to reconcile memories of the night her high school classmate also went missing. This listen thrills us with the dark, unforgettable truth that, even in a world where supernatural threats exist, monsters still wear human faces. —M.H.


Booklist December 2022 starred reviews

"Sandra Okuboyejo expertly commands the bulk of the narration as protagonist Liz Rocher.... Chameleonic Okuboyejo never disappoints, especially possessed by desperate, searching, mourning mothers; she elevates Adams’ savvy thriller with eerie aural excellence."

- Terry Hong


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